Uncovering luxury brands in start-ups and assisting niche creatives to non-profits identify their brand strategy within 45 minutes.

Monthly, you will gain:

Your brands identity plays a pivotal role in your social media presence. You are the master of your brand. And, in 60 minute sessions, I’ll craft you into the master of WHEN to share, WHERE to post, WHAT to share , and WHY you are posting and sharing.

Monthly, you’re exposure will include:

  • An initial audit
  • Assessment of your current social profiles and pages
  • Training on relevant social media mediums
  • Execution of written recommendations for improvement
  • A comprehensive social media marketing strategy
  • Advice on social media posts, including content, graphics, call to action, post types, and engagement
  • A 4-week review of your social media activity

Within 90 minutes of our social media consultation plus, you gain both your branding and social media clarity!

This includes:

  • Brand Assessment
  • Conversation about brand vision and goals
  • Establish brand story (pillars)
  • Creation of brand goals action plan
  • Creation of ideal client profile
  • Direct Message Strategy session
  • Social Media Strategy session
  • Social Media Audit
  • Creation of social media plan (including 5 weeks of strategic content)
  • Creation of comprehensive brand guide
  • Monthly implementation & execution calls
  • Email access to answer questions between calls
  • Create an Entrepreneurial Wellness Plan